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I hope you are prepared for two gringos with a tan.

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After six months of amazing biking across South America, it was only certain that I would long to continue on. But I had this dilemma. I was married. And marriage means negotiations, compromise, and living on the same continent more days of the year than not.

Yet "when a dream takes hold of you, what can you do? You can run with it, let it run your life, or let it go and think for the rest of your life about what might have been." -- Patch Adams

So at the end of my bike trip, when my husband said "you followed your dream; now it's time to follow mine," I quickly replied, "GO! Sail the Carribbean! Drink like a fish. I will wait for you, pine for you, wish you were here and welcome you home." I didn't think he would insist that I partake in his insanity--as I had not insisted in his sweat and backpain in mine.

But I could only say no until my tongue bled. Then I had to gather superior facts, smile, and negotiate.
I would accompany my husband to the Carribbean and sit on the beaches if he would simply ride a bicycle across Columbia with me. I thought it was reasonable.

"To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries." -- Aldous Huxley

COLUMBIA. It has been biked before. Many times. In fact, I have been told it is a wonderful country to bike across. But we are going to do it slightly different. We are going at a time when weather is unpredictable. In fact, the guide books mention what things to do for each month of the year, Except the two months we are there...because it is simply absured. We are also taking a path least traveled. Although 99% of the Columbian and U.S. population I've spoken with has suggested taking the main paved roads for 'safety,' we are choosing to travel village to village on the steeper dirt paths. We are keenly aware of mudslides, guerillas, and sheer fatigue, but...

"All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers." -- Orison Marden

And so our adventure begins. Jared, I held up to my part of the bargain....

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Good luck you guys!!! Cant' wait to read about your adventure :)

by Maureen

Risa you are unbelievable...what a journey you and Jared are taking..albeit with some encouraging on one of yours part. We will enjoy following your adventures...do be careful. (Is that Beth in the water snorkeling with you two?) Jill

by jill erickson

I can't wait to hear of the adventures! Thanks for the AMAZING time visiting, love snorkeling and you both too

by Beth

Dirt paths, guerrillas, bad weather? What else is new with you two? 40 black ties 4 times.

by glenn

I love seeing this update, Risa! You and Jared rock, and I am sending you love and hugs from LA!!

by Piper

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