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April 2012

It seemed like a good idea after the bottle of whiskey --

But 6 months can be a really long time.

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Dear my favorite person under the age of 50, Jared...
Well, I did it. We did it. We made it back safe and sound more in love than when we left. Having to explain how great you were to the south american world wasn't easy. What kind of husband let's their wife leave for six months shortly after getting married? What kind of husband allows their wife to stay at strangers houses night after night... only a man who knows if you hold on too tightly, they will slip away. But not you. You are too intelligent for that. You know exactly what I need and when I need it, providing the right amount of support without expressing your worry. And I thank you for that. IMG_8313.jpg

Visiting me in Argentina is a time we will remember. Who knew Buenos Aires could be so photogenic? Strolling hand in hand through the street fairs, watching the old timers try to make a buck, puppeteers, artists of all kinds.

I bet those ladies were really something in their day.
And oh the lights at night, who knew it could be summer the day we arrived, and fall the next. IMG_8328.jpgIMG_8357.jpg

Let's not forget Torres del Paine... IMG_7820.jpgIMG_7966.jpgIMG_7740.jpgIMG_7738.jpg

Hiking up to the towers in the snow, only to have the clouds part and the sun shine before most were awake to enjoy the crisp air. Or the Valley of the Frances... without a cloud in the sky. There was no where else I would rather be, and no one else I would rather be with.

Remember how exhausted you were after one night of entertaining my new-found Calafate family. Try that night after night, month after month, different faces, same story.... just to know that there are always good people in this world. IMG_8269.jpgIMG_8271.jpg

Through all the crazy adventures, you provided a warm touch, a patient ear, and a genuine smile. Every day I was lucky for the people who took me in and helped me out, but I was never as lucky as the day I met you. (But if you tell anyone, I'll deny it.)

I'm excited for the adventures we have to come.... be it starting a family or biking the continent of Africa.... you know, Africa would be easier.
Love your polola, Risa.

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