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September 2011

Traveling is only glamorous in retrospect

...unless you´re traveling by bike

all seasons in one day 68 °F

en_el_Per__risaj_015.jpg"If God had really intended men to fly, he'd make it easier to get to the airport".
George Winters

An interesting and beautiful place, this Cusco is. Aside from a canceled flight due to a lost passport (don´t ask how), en_el_Per__risaj_002.jpg arguing in spanglish on the phone for a new flight with Chile and Peru, a taxi driver who made us carry our mega-load 1/2 mile up the Peruvian Andes, only to find out no one was home and the door was locked, en_el_Per__risaj_007.jpg a cat who thinks my arm is her boyfriend, and an uncooperative bike, the trip has been great. At least a dog didn´t pee on the boxes. Oh wait, it did.

But there have been highlights. Lauren, my wonderful and still likes me (as of day 2) travel buddy somehow managed to get a yellow fever shot in a hospital for free on a day when they weren´t giving shots. Blood on the floor, no problem. She managed to get the last vaccine in all of Peru `until Tuesday.` Hopefully I won´t wake up to some mutant zombie next to me eating my quinoa. But Lauren and I make a good team. I do all the talking, and she understands what people are saying back. I have officially duct taped her to my side, in hopes to look witty and sound intellectual. I´ve only insulted some man´s mother Once in front of all his friends. A wonderful thing to check off the bucket list in a catholic-mother-idolizing country. And we are still alive after accidentally photographing a drug deal down some unknown street. 270_en_el_Per__risaj_038.jpg So all is well.

Hope to start biking in dos (2) dias. More exciting things to come, this I know. Here´s some pics to enjoy.


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