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And then the Gods looked down from the heavens and said,

¨Risa.... Damn girl, what the heck. Your wish is our command.¨

semi-overcast 65 °F

IMG_7898.jpg 90_IMG_7698.jpg


HOLY SH**T you listened!! 90_IMG_7697.jpg

How da, wha da, who coulda thunk it?? Was the moon circling around mercury? Did the stars align in a diagonal pattern?
Damn, I should have bet someone on this one.... be still my heart. 90_IMG_7699.jpg

So as luck would have it, clif bar got the memo.... and they answered. With an astounding, ¨Sounds good to me!¨ They are so awesome. 90_IMG_7701.jpg

That date Saturday night. Oh that wonderful date I was biking towards. Well, my husband arrived in Argentina... and luckily he was my date or I would have been in Trouble with a capital T! IMG_7733.jpg

And why was I so excited to see him? Because he brought me Clif Bars!! Loads and loads of Clif bars!!... The company sent boxes to my house, and I can say I am walking a little bit taller with a proud grin. And I have my husband with me, which is also pretty great after 4 months of him waiting patiently.

IMG_7895.jpg But who to share the wealth with? Only the bestest of the best should be so lucky to eat this imported scrumptuous gobbily goodness. So I chose those who are bad-ass outdoor dudes, rad solo females, and those who have helped me along the way, for just being great people.

So before leaving El chalten, Miguel, an awesome mountaineer-climber who solos Fitz Roy in his spare time away from working at the Supermarket, took me into his home, out of the rain, and provided me with a warm place and hot food for a couple of days. He then hooked me up with a buddy who had a buddy who had a mom in El Calafate, and they have since provided me with shelter as well. The best way I could repay him.... my Last clif bar. Thanks for your awesomeness Miguel. (Yo se estas leeyendo esto, gracias otra vez.) 3IMG_7447.jpg

100_0103.jpg I first left a bunch of bars at the bike shop, and told my friends who I knew would be coming through to pick them up. Then there was Ike with a bike. I met him in Torres del Paine and he is biking north and wants to know when the wind will stop. I told him it`s not, he`s going the wrong way. 100_0124.jpg

Then there was a Chilean girl hiking in Torres del Paine.... had a bum knee and limping along. But rarely do you see female Chileans alone in the woods, or alone anywhere, so she definately deserved a Clif Bar. She said I was the first friend she made on the trail. IMG_7713.jpg

And the dude with the bike... in the rain in Puerto Natales. He had no idea that while looking for dry shelter, a clif bar would come flying out of the sky into his arms. Definately his lucky day. 100_0104.jpg And no that`s not a bun in the oven, Jared hasn`t been there THAAT long. Well, actually it IS a bun in the oven, but how else can you keep bread dry in Patagonia than to hide it in your clothes.

100_0251.jpg OH, and my favorite Lithuanian duo, who have been traveling for over 17 months with bikes, they got a few bars. Andf many many more people have been blessed with this amazing treat. No more starvation, deprivation, or salivation. I am nutrient-rich once again.

What more can I say. Clif Bar, this one is for you. IMG_8157.jpg

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