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Regina Nadelson once said...

Most travel is best of all in the anticipation or the remembering; the reality has more to do with losing your luggage.

overcast 70 °F

And sometimes, it can be true. It is not all glam and glory folks. Sometimes it is hard work and sweat. And the smelliness other people endure around me at the internet station. I´m sorry lady in white to the left.

Take for example my lips... I burnt them... AGAIN! they actually don´t look so bad, but it´s day 4 of healing, shoulda seen them day 1 when they were one big bubble. REMEMBER, SPF doesn´t work when you lick your lips all day. risa_052.jpg Or how about those black flies? Those vicious no-good-dirty-rotten-I receive a large amount of pure bliss satisfaction from squashing those miserable creatures--black flies. Ya see, they like to circle around the face while biking and receive pure enjoyment when landing on my lips or eyeballs. I`ve learned, through experience mind you, to stop smacking myself in the face. I actually gave myself a small shiner and broke my glasses in the process trying to destroy the bugger. (I hit hard.) I mentioned it to Beth, that I thought I gave myself a black eye, and she said, ¨I wondered why your face looked a little green. Only in one part though. The rest is burnt.¨ Thanks Beth. My body has definately taken a beating from me, bruises all over. BUT!! I have destroyed many a black flie, da bastads.

It´s also lack of sleep, dirty clothes, and weird noises that cause a change in bike love. After Beth left, I had to rethink all my habits. I was no longer watching out for someone else, no longer waiting at the top of hills, ready to administer CPR at any given second. But now I feel lost and discombobulated. Maybe it´s the lack of sleep. After Beth left, I found a dirt road to sleep on, away from all the ghettos of national parks. All was well until a wild boar decided to grace itself in a bush next to me while i was trying to sleep. At first I thought, Beth, what are you eating.... oh wait, beth is gone. All the huffing and puffing sounds are like the wild boars we hunted in Bolivia. All I could think about was what tree to climb up to save myself... shit, the best one is behind blackberry bushes! I spent most of the night yelling at the boar, whom i called miss piggy, to go away. At first it worked, then miss piggy realized I was puny. Imagine running in my sleeping bag throwing rocks... one of my many weird dreams that night.

It led to a long morning of missing a turn-off, going over 2 mountains, realizing the mistake, backtracking because I needed water. The only upside was running into my HEROES! An Austrian couple with 2 kids, traveling for 9 months. Oh the questions I beraded them with. Jared... I want to be that family one day. 2risa_002.jpg

Landed in Park Alerces, beautiful and dusty. I found this amazing site to sleep. Paid no attention to the no camping sign in the front. And fell in love with this tree, not in love with the many fisherman who took over my space, and spent most of their time untangling their lines. After all was tranquil and everyone left, it was mine all mine. risa_024.jpg risa_025.jpg risa_033.jpg risa_040.jpg

Until a park ranger kicked me out. No bikes off the road. Eh? So here´s my ghetto camping spot I found moments before dark: HA MR. Park Ranger, I can still see the river... and the no camping sign. HA! risa_044.jpg

Made it into Chile. I knew all about them taking away my fruit and veggies, Totally forgot the honey!! So when they tried to take it, I said NO! I`ll eat it all. Never have I consumed so much honey in one sitting. HA! Chile. Ask me in person about the rest of the story. I don`t want to incriminate myself on the web here. IMG_6277.jpg90_IMG_6278.jpg

Landed in Futaleufu, a town I could live in. Cept they only have one nurse for the whole town, la sigh. But worked at this new hostel, Los Natalias, in exchange for room. Got to hang out with Nancy, my friend`s sisters cousins mother`s mothers favorite babysitter, FROM MISSOULA!! And dug a water line for her boyfriend, the owner of the new pad... not bad for a days work. IMG_6284.jpg. IMG_6332.jpg

Then there`s the rodeo, and got to raft for gratis on River Futuleufu because they needed an extra body! Thank you CEO`s for paying for my trip!! IMG_6271.jpgrisa_015.jpg 1risa_010.jpg risa_008.jpg 90_risa_089.jpg 2risa_066.jpg 8risa_057.jpg IMG_6324.jpg IMG_6306.jpg IMG_6302.jpg

The last guy made me laugh. Rode right up to the store to buy gum.... like a drive through. Don`t kick the kid behind ya buddy

Now heading south, will be in country similar to northern Alaska. So if you don`t hear from me for awhile, then there ya go.

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