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Patience young jedi

learn their name before asking for a place to stay.

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Let me tell you what I think of bicycling. I think it has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world. It gives women a feeling of freedom and self—reliance. I stand and rejoice every time I see a woman ride by on a wheel...the picture of free, untrammeled womanhood.
Susan B. Anthony


It never gets easier, you just go faster.
Greg LeMond


So my time with Beth has come and gone. It was a great two weeks, lots of laughs and giggles, farts and smells. And that was just Beth. But she had a time of her life, and I was super impressed with her ability to jump on the Risa´s adventure bandwagon. She learned with speed and agility, almost too well. I had to hold my tongue at times, which looks silly to random people if you think about it.

270_risa_020.jpg risa_007.jpg risa_006.jpg

For example, we traveled out to Mount Tronador to hike up some glacier. Planned to stay at a hut at the top, eat a quality meal, live the high life. But Beth didn´t act surprised or even grumble when I made her hike 3000 feet up in 7 miles, then turn around and hike down at 7pm when we learned that everyone sleeps on the floor and shares a single mat if it gets too crowded. And it was crowded with 4 families of kids and a school group to boot, aside from the backpackers. So when I asked her if we could hike down the same day, she said sure with a smile. Gotta love that Beth. risa_041.jpg

These guys are my heroes. The european couple brought up a 4 year old and a 2 year old 3000 feet and 7 miles to a glacier, mom carrying the backpack and leading 4 yr old, dad with the 2 yr old. JARED... I wanna be them one day. 8risa_075.jpg

But we were knackered the next day after another long hike, and when I suggested we hitch back to camp, she was all about it. Her skill, her speed... she asked this nice couple if they wanted their picture taken, then before they could walk away, asked for a carride, then by the time we we in the car, she was already hinting at the fact she needed a place to stay in buenos aires.

Patience young grasshopper, learn their names first. Luckily, she pegged the right people for some lovin. They were awesome. They drove us to other sites in the park, fed us steak sandwiches, risa_094.jpg then when we ran into them in town days later, shared fruit with us. Beth got an infection from the bike.... it fell on her as she tumbled it down some stairs with it (i was too busy laughing to help), then when I said to wash it out (with lake water or my spit), she didn´t gather to wash it out with sterile water. HHHMMM beth...... so it got infected. Luckily the nice couple she pegged were doctors, and took us to their cabana, washed it out properly and gave her freebie antibiotics. Amazing job Beth. risa_100.jpg

These people were invading my personal space. I was all alone... until... risa_057.jpg

This kid will be someone one day, you just wait. (But I can´t get the photo to rotate, so turn your head to the right please.) 90_risa_002.jpg

We invaded Agustin, and his tree house home. He was awesome yogi vegetariano argentinian who put up with us. risa_097.jpg risa_051.jpg

So I was saddened to see Beth go. Especially because who is going to make me cookies? 90_risa_055.jpg 7risa_074.jpg

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