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cheap alternative route to machu pichu
machu pichu on a budget
machu pichu on a shoestring

hostel to stay at when taking the backroads to machu pichu
yellow river retreat
the famous cusco info center saexplorers


retreat center coroico

Salar de Uyuni = best pizza in Bolivia--
there´s a place in Salar de Uyuni where a bolivian went to sweden and studied pizza making for 6 years. He opened a place in Salar and makes QUINOA PIZZA. not on the tourist track. decent prices, real cheese. not the best pizza in the world, but the best in bolivia. and an awesome guy who prepares it in front of you.
Pizzeria DONA ISABELLA Calle Camacho Esq. Colon -- Fernando is the owner and Chef


argentina ecovillage
good maps
alternative routes info

SALTA - Best bike shop in town
MACIAS BIKE AND FITNESS. Javier Palito Macias helped fix my bike for free and stopped an injury to my knee.
Los Paraisos Nº 6 (0387) 4711247

CHAMONIX OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT Barcala 267 (54261) 425 7572 www.chamonix-outdoor.com.ar
Gear repair, rentals, white gas for sale, and overall awesome place. Gustavo helped fix my stove for free, sold white gas at a good price and gave me a stove tool for free. Totally helped me out before the Carreteral Austral.

if traveling South of Cafayate, South of Santa Maria on route 40, and you end up stopping in the Pueblo of one policeman, 3 stores, STOP AT THE FIRST TIENDA NORTH of Town. Decent homemade pizza, homemade bread, wonderful people who took me in for the night in their guestroom as there was no place to sleep. wonderful experience. glad i was stuck there at sunset.

San Martin del los Andes
SCHPREKEN-- best chocolate shop, one of the only in town that makes it own chocolate and doesn´t import it from Bariloche.
PIZZA CARA-- Best empanads, decent price, huge, and veggies selections. Small shop near first plaza. Worth the stop.


Futaleufu and Cochrane do NOT take Visa debit cards.... ONLY Coihaque. The sign says it does, but it´s only Chilean VISA....have extra cash.
-- In Villa Castillo... go along the dirt road that parallels the asphalt road out of town... bike 2 kms, past the camping-refugio and around the bend-bridge. Along the river are many camping areas for free, before the hike to Cerro Castillo. The sandwiches in the bus next to the road are a huge hit with every biker and not overly expensive. Everyone camps at refugio, but campsites are right next to it and free.

After taking the boat from Puerto Yungay, CHILE to the OHiggins road, there is a refugio with lights, bathroom at the dock, fits 10 people on the floor, warm and dry, FREE.
--Apparently there is a refugio near KM 50 on OHIGGINS road as well, but did not stay there.

Parque Quelat, northern side about 5km before the massive uphill switchbacks are campsites near a waterfall. FREE and only ones in park. Can also camp at top of switchbacks, but exposed and colder....

villa o'higgins crossing
ohiggins crossing description

and other bike sites that I found useful

crazy guy on a bike forums: forum central
the road south: awesome data on maps/distance
inspiration: alastair humphreys
helpful map finding: gregg bleakney
sacred valley route info: peru route descriptions super helpful

and if you want to help out

Reach Bolivia
Bariloche volunteer


Bahia Exploradores road out of Rio Tranquilo, CHILE-- 52km rolling hills, in narrow valley along river, Glaciers around every corner, tons of camping after km 15... absolutely best road ridden on a clean or misty day. Not reccomended in rain or will not see glaciers. The hike to the glacier at the end where you pay is not worth it says other biker, dirty glacier for too much money. Can also hitchhike up and ride down to save a day.

The 4 day backpack in Cerro Castillo, town Villa Cerro Castillo CHILE was amazing, similar to Torres Del Paine without the people, over 2 glacier passes. Highly recommended. Can easily be done in 3 days if good weather. Map from Coihaque recommended, free. Refugio on nortyh end, have to pay 5000 pesos entrance fee for park.

Tortel, CHILE, near OHIGGINS--20km detour on soft gravel road, town with planks and walkways as the road to town is newly invented. Camping 5 km outside of town not too hard to find.

Puerto Gaudal, Chile has free internet in library. Cute town, shitty road to get there, soft sand with gravel and steep hills.

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