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¨If you´re going to convert to a religion, you should choose one that has good food.¨ Risa Sibbitt

So Lauren and I headed over the famous ´Most dangerous road in the world,´IMG_4377.jpg
which actually was dangerous because the visibility was about 10 feet, into the jungles of Coroico. IMG_4417.jpg

I wanted to check out this rad internet site I found, a community of people who ate vegetables and practiced yoga. I envisioned long haired tan hippies barefoot, plucking mangoes from the trees. And I wanted a mango. And I have feet.

The internet did not discuss how it was actually a Hari Krishna temple.... but we were welcome to stay. IMG_4397.jpg

Better yet, it was really two Columbians living in Bolivia off the grid, one 6 months preggers and the other learning the sanskrit. But they were sweet as can be! And the food was worth the ride. So we stayed a night or two, made lentil burgers by fire, sang songs and rang bells. IMG_4406.jpg maduri_cooking.jpg

I stayed an extra couple nights, and taught the pregnant lady, Maduri, how to have a baby. She wants to have a kid at home, but there are no professionals around. Some women are around who have done it before, but they are not trained. So we spoke of supplies....scissors of course, and when to go to the hospital. Hopefully my spanglish was coherent enough. At least my acting was good.

Lauren and I enjoyed how we ate Indian food made by Columbians in Bolivia. My favorite was when we went walking into the jungle looking for monkeys, and Raga showed us this plant that is supposed to improve circulation if you put it on your skin.... the leaves are just like stinging nettle, only bigger, and the circulation is improved... as you give yourself hives. IMG_4413.jpg

I passed on that one. But I got to see the circus in San Pedro.... or rather, 2 Columbians playing with fire and unicycles. IMG_4430.jpg
And now back in La Paz, where I await my husbands arrival.

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