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If his belt is holding up my house...

what is holding up his pants?

sunny 90 °F

I`m going deaf. I thought it was just me at first. But for some reason, whenever I`m around 50 year old men, who are the kind who pick me up when I`m in a rut, they talk loud. Really loud. Like, you can`t understand what I`m saying, so I`m going to say the same thing 10 tones louder in your ear loud. So if you are around someone who speaks another language, THEY ARE NOT DEAF. please don`t scream at them when they ask you to repeat something. thank you. it´s only the over 50 men for some reason.

When a dream takes hold of you, what can you do? You can run with it, let it run your life, or let it go and think for the rest of your life about what might have been.--¨Patch Adams


My dream had been to travel south america by bike and really get to know the people, live in their houses, eat their food. And upon arriving to Argentina, I have done just that. After leaving Cafayate, I continued south. Lived in an artesian tienda with 4 other travelers and an awesome dad. Ate steak. Then lived in a kitchen and recuperated from continuous days of riding. Fernando let me control his tiny apartment, watch Greys Anatomy and House, and eat vegetables. He took me to the gold mine where there is a yellow river from all the ore in the mountain.

It was a good three days. I got to volunteer at the Comedor, a volunteer place that cooks food for kids whose parents have no money. I did very little cooking, mostly card playing. This kid may look adorable, but beware, he cheats! IMG_5639.jpgIMG_5648.jpg90_IMG_5655.jpg Carrots this game is called. It involves yanking people apart while they try to hold on to each other.

I continued south through Park Talampayo, red rocks galore. IMG_5730.jpg IMG_5618.jpg

When it began to hail in the one place it never rains, I began to question my situation. As the clouds increased, I saw lightning strike down on the earth and wondered, Is it possible to perform CPR on yourself. Here I was on the only metal object for miles around, creating my own energy, questioning whether the energy from the sky would kill me. It tasted like burning. I could either hide under a cactus... or get the hell out of there. So when the first car came along, I stuck out my thumb. Is it safe to be in a gastruck during a lightning storm? With the strength of a bungee cord and a man´s belt, one can do wonders. No lie. One cord, one belt. I gritted my teeth the whole time in the truck. 270_IMG_5744.jpg

Ended up in Caucete, pondering the never ending question of where do I sleep tonight. Walked over to a womans house as the sun set and layed out my predicament. Can I please sleep next to your house tonight as the sun is down and I could use the security. She was bewildered about the whole situation, but offered me her spare room. The kids look cute, but after the 50th ´What is that,´ I was ready to cut out my uterus with my pocket knife. IMG_5746.jpg

AND I made the horrible mistake of asking the one question you never ask. And I knew better!´Hi my name is Risa, can I stay at your house. Oh thank you. What wonderful kids you have. How many months are you?--- You´re not pregnant. Heh. Everyone here looks pregnant. So, where do I sleep, ahem?´I could have sworn she was preggers. IMG_5751.jpg

Made it to Mendoza. 270_IMG_5763.jpg Was having trouble with my cooking stove as it wasn´t burning hot enough and leaked of gasoline. So yet again, met an awesome soul who helped me out. Gustavo at Chamonix Outdoor Equipment fixed my stove for free and even gave me a stovetool as a gift. Now I can eat again. I thanked him for fattening me up. Now that my stove works, and I live off of real food, people will ask me if I´m preggers. 270_IMG_5754.jpg He´s at Barcala 267 in Mendoza, super rad and helpful!

Bunking down for 3 days waiting for some mail. Staying at my buddy Karen´s wannabe Argentinian family. I showed up without announcing and they took me in with a warm heart. Steak for lunch today. They are awesome and have emu-like animals that try to eat your nose if you get too close. I wonder if my husband would love me if I had no nose. IMG_5772.jpgIMG_5780.jpg

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