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Happiness is realizing

it is all a strange and uncontrollable dream.

all seasons in one day

It is never to late to be what you might have been...someone said that.

You may be wondering where I am. I am wondering who I am. I slept in a bar last, literally. But I don't know if slept is the right word...tossed and turned is more like it.

risa_056.jpg It all started when 15 bikers and 7 backpackers found a captain with a small boat and the willingness to sail it. We met at the dock at the top o' the morn and it was dreary and wet. 4risa_067.jpg La sigh, four days sitting around with awesome weather and it had to turn wet the hardest day of the trip. You see, this day was to be my Ironman, my competition with myself. The supposed hardest day described on the whole route by others, literally pushing a bicycle over the mountains into Argentina, through creeks and streams, over bridges, on a horsetrail no-less, mountain biking single track fully loaded with gear. The last thing I needed was difficult weather. But there are some things that can't be controlled.

In dreams, no reasons are necessary. Someone said that too. I like this someone. I think I'd rather be someone than anyone or no one. Ahem.

So the boat left O'higgins... dropped us off at the Chilean border. I would be traveling in undesignated territory for hours. I said bye to the rest of the crew, wanted to fly today. 4risa_074.jpg And I did just that. As the day progressed, the sun came out. Oh glorious heat, how I always appreciate you. I had half as much stuff as my friends, who have been traveling longer, so was able to carry the whole bike over obstacles instead of dismantle my gear when things got difficult. risa_090.jpg 4risa_097.jpg risa_099.jpg

When crossing one creek, I thought a wasp got stuck in my shirt and started attacking me. I couldn't free it as I had my hands full. Over ten stings.....but it turns out it wasn't a wasp, but a poisonous caterpillar I had been admiring for months. Oh you bastad, I save you from birds no more! But if that was to be the toughest part of my day, I'll take it like butter on bread. risa_101.jpg 270_risa_200.jpg

Average push, pull, drag, ride time is 7 hours, heavy heavy bikes can take up to 12. I did it in 4.5, would've been 4 if not for the pictures. But you guys ain't easy to please. Oh no you ain't. Uh uh.

Wannabe sponsored Clif bar shot. risa_085.jpg6risa_108.jpg

It all became worth it, every day, every hunger pain, every repetitive story to new friends....for this unexpected view. One minute I'm in the trees, 90_risa_119.jpg then suddenly BAM, this amazing view of Fitz Roy, Argentina in sight. risa_155.jpg 270_risa_111.jpg It is usually in the clouds... but we received the best. I stopped for 2 hours, waiting for my friends, so we could ride to camp together. risa_117.jpg We all agreed, it was the best mountain biking day of our lives. 270_risa_113.jpg risa_129.jpg and we made it to the next boat. risa_156.jpg risa_161.jpg

And I was back in Argentina...

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