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Patience and time and the grass will become milk

biking over Abra Malaga, our first...and certainly not last.... fourteener.


If you want to get to Machu Pichu through the back door, and not pay the 80-150 dollars for the train, you can bike over abra malaga pass, stay at an awesome hostel on the other side, walk along the river to a power station, hitch through the power station, then walk along the railroad tracks to Machu Pichu. It cost us a total of... 1 dollar for hitchin.´ For those who don´t have a bike, add another 7 dollars, and a beautiful view in a bus. Highly reccomended.
(click on the photos to get a close up. This was 1/8 of the climb we did.

One would think biking over a fourteener with 75lbs would be something to congratulate about. But really it was a test run. A tease of sorts. The weather was great, the route was paved, and in the day it took to get over, we saw maybe... 20 cars, all which gave us ample room to ride. It was one of the best rides of my life. 2.5 hours of downhill, no brakes, no pedaling. Impactante.
The pictures don´t do it justice, but here´s an attempt to show you some of my experience getting to Machu Pichu. The river crossing was awesome..

When hanging out in Aguas Calientes, the gateway touristic town to Machu Pichu, we were sitting on the benches and a group of schoolkids on their field trip came up to look at us, mainly Lauren with her blonde hair. They wanted to take a picture with her, and I was lucky enough to get to be in it. So they lined up one by one and sat between us, each getting their picture to take home to their moms. One by one... at least 15 kids. You´d think they were Japanese with all their phone cameras. Even the teacher had his taken with us. Then they surrounded us with their breakfast....

And finally, Machu Pichu. Disneyland with rain-ponchos in the morning, crowds clearing out by afternoon.
Our goal was to see how many times we could get in trouble... there was at least 4. ¨No touching the stones!¨

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