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I cut down the banana tree

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We were privileged to live with Tatiana and her family for the last couple of days. She´s a strong, independent, intelligent, educated Peruvian woman living in Quellomayo, population... 5 families. She started a farm/hostel along the river on the way to Machu Pichu. For 20 dollars a night, we received 3 amazing meals, our own room, fresh ground cacao (hot chocolate) in the morning, and a stunning woman to learn from.

Tatiana is trying to develop sustainability in her town, with recycling, sustainable farming, even making bio-diesel. She argues with the mayor about the landfills next to the river, and heads a council regarding creating libraries for kids, bio-diesel in the school buses, bringing back the community...with no internet or phone.

I could talk about her for hours. But you should meet her yourself. If ever on the way to Machu Pichu, take the back road and stay at Yellow River hostel in Quellomayo between Santa Maria and Santa Theresa

Today, we cut down banana trees (you have to cut them down to get at the bananas!) and roasted a pig while listening to my hip hop music, ¨It´s getting hot in here....¨ and ¨Loosen up your buttons baby.¨ Nobody understood the lyrics but Lauren and I.
Over the last 3 days, Lauren and I dragged our bikes up another 14er...this time a dirt muddy road in the rain and intense heat. It was one of the most amazing rides down. Words cannot describe the stone houses, blue skies, alpàcas and lamas in the way. They are currently paving the road...and it will be a hotspot one day. But today, the pavement was ours...no cars allowed yet. I made the mistake of going through the construction zone without waiting.....dodging bulldozers, people yelling, dust flying, popping around muddy ditches. It was hilarious. Lauren thought ¨go risa go!¨

I´d upload all the other amazing photos I took over the last 4 days, but the computer just ate my camera. so all these amazing photos are from Lauren. everybody thank lauren!


...somehow I made the error of uploading the banana tree picture onto the screensaver at the internet place. now all the peruvians can look at my bananas.

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