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All good things come to an end 07.11.2024
The good ol switcharoo 07.06.2024
Flashbacks 07.03.2024
Landslides 07.01.2024
To go north, head west 06.28.2024
Actual Rest Days 06.27.2024
Mr D's big day 06.26.2024
Tour de Italy 06.25.2024
REST DAY 06.22.2024
No longer EFI's 06.18.2024
Big plans, Many miles 06.16.2024
New Adventures 06.13.2024
The Three Questions 04.24.2021
Virgins in salty water 09.04.2020
Oh, the places you'll ride 09.09.2019
Motion by bike is my second nature ... 03.10.2017
Cuba . . . 03.05.2017
I blame my husband... 08.03.2016
Lessons from history: 05.15.2013
Accordions, whiskey, and a movement disorder 05.07.2013
Showing some love 05.04.2013
Our adventure started after sleeping in a brothel 04.26.2013
Roadside Debris 04.15.2013
PUEBLO: El Guayabo 04.10.2013
VOICES in the Jungle 04.02.2013
Da Vinci draws the Mona Risa 03.30.2013
Jared´s Intro to International Bicycle Touring 03.24.2013
Bennie and Clyde 03.20.2013
Colombia! 03.13.2013
It seemed like a good idea after the bottle of whiskey -- 04.01.2012
OH MY GOD I`M MARRIED!... 03.25.2012
And then the Gods looked down from the heavens and said, 03.19.2012
Sometimes wind is stronger than gravity 03.08.2012
Someone has been here before 03.03.2012
Happiness is realizing 02.27.2012
Chile is shutting down 02.24.2012
This is my church 02.21.2012
Dear Clif Bar 02.14.2012
Every curve is like an orgasm 02.04.2012
Riders of the storm 01.30.2012
Regina Nadelson once said... 01.23.2012
Patience young jedi 01.18.2012
Under this mask, I`m really a nice person.... 01.09.2012
I´m afraid that I might fall flat on my face... 12.26.2011
If his belt is holding up my house... 12.19.2011
^I`m riding a bike because I`m in a hurry... 12.11.2011
32 walks around the sun 12.05.2011
¨When life serves you lemons... 11.29.2011
Let me out of this Bolivian jail 11.23.2011
I got so high, my body started to eat itself. 11.19.2011
Hari Krishna Hari Krishna 11.01.2011
I need to build a table... 11.01.2011
¨You got to be careful if you don’t know where you’re going 10.25.2011
It´s 6AM, GET OUT! 10.18.2011
I cannot tell a lie 10.13.2011
Patience and time and the grass will become milk 10.10.2011
Get a bicycle. You will not regret it. If you live. 10.02.2011
Traveling is only glamorous in retrospect 09.30.2011
bolivia map 09.15.2011
Bariloche to Torres del Paine, Chile 09.15.2011
Mendoza to Bariloche route 09.13.2011
Argentina border to Mendoza Route 09.13.2011
The Peru-->Bolivia Route 09.12.2011
Important Phrases to Learn 09.12.2011
for bikers only 09.12.2011
Who am I? 09.11.2011